Home Plus LIne

Linea Casa Più (Home Plus Line)

The French doors and windows in the HOME PLUS LINE are suitable for filling rectangular, trapezium or arch-shaped voids. Articles can be produced with fixed and openable parts, and fitted with a variety of opening mechanisms from French, tilt & turn and pivot to sliding. This product line is particularly suitable for large-sized openings which offer the opportunity of adding a cornice to create a single flush element without overlaps. Excellent thermoacoustic insulation performance is achieved by the application of two thermoacoustic strips, all around the fixed frame and all around the leaf (door/window). The glazing bead can be rounded to give the window a softer line. French doors and windows are made of solid or laminated wood. The double-glazing is mounted in a bronze coloured profile which can include security features and provide different degrees of heat and/or sound insulation. For paintwork and varnishes water-based products are used.
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