Elegance Home Line

 Linea Casa Elegance (Elegance Home Line)

LINEA CASA ELEGANCE brings a touch of sophistication to your home and stylishly separates the rooms. The interior doors in this line have been designed for special areas in the home, such as hallways, entrances or walls where paintings and prints cannot be hung. The doors are made of solid wood.

The door casing can come in a range of thicknesses depending on the thickness of the wall. The door can be with one or more mirrors, glazed or opaque. The opaque panels are smooth or moulded, made in MDF wood veneer in the same wood as used for the casing. The wood used and the colour applied are coordinated with special hand painted decorations or prints inserted into the mirrors.
The decorative features can also be applied to products from the FRONT DOOR section on the inner side. Painting or lacquering is done using water based products.
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